International Law for Sustainable Development (Law4Dev)

UNITAR has over 50 years experience in the delivery of training in the field of international law. In 1997 international environmental law was introduced as a specific thematic area in international law training within the Institute. Currently, in order to be in a position to better respond to numerous requests for training in international law, UNITAR is complementing its face-to-face training activities with online training, assuring greater outreach.

Online training allows participants to combine learning and work. They enjoy high degree of flexibility, learning at their own pace and accessing the course anytime. Additionally, through the built-in collaborative activities, participants have good opportunities to share knowledge with fellow trainees with different backgrounds and experiences, enriching the learning process.

The courses on international law and environmental law are supported by high level practitioners and professors who assist participants throughout their learning experience (the number of participants per moderator not exceed 30). In parallel, UNITAR provides methodological and technical support, assisting learners through the whole course.






International Environmental Governance

    Apply now! 27 Feb.- 20 Mar. 2017 (TBC)

International Economic Legal System and Sustainable Development

 Apply now! 3 Apr.-1 May 2017 (TBC)


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The course provides you with comprehensive knowledge on the role of the main actors involved in the development of international environmental law who formulate policy instruments and negotiate and conclude environmental agreements, which is necessary to identify the gaps of the current international environmental governance regime.