Public Finance and Trade

Public Finance and Trade

The courses in public finance and trade are intended for a global audience of finance and trade officials. The target audience will comprise finance sector participants from all over the world. They will have a unique opportunity to study, share, and engage in practical discussions throughout the courses. High quality content will be provided for each course, which will form the basis for study, discussions, group work and individual assessments. In average the courses last up to six weeks. Each course will be moderated by an international financial expert with global understanding of current challenges and issues. In addition, each course will aim to deepen the skills and understanding of participants as well as provide participants an opportunity to network and dialogue with other officials and participants from across the globe so as to share country experiences and good practice in public financial management issues.

Typically, each course requires between 40 and 50 hours of study time spread over a four- to six-week period. By participating in one of the courses, learners will benefit from up-to-date and engaging content, practical and applicable knowledge from instructor-moderated online discussions and network of global participants. Courses are structured in small group size to allow personal and active mentoring from course directors. Participants who successfully complete the courses are awarded a certificate from UNITAR.

UNITAR is currently offering a range of courses on Public Financial Management, Financial Negotiation, Capital Market Development, Debt Management and Poverty Reduction, Financial Governance, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, and Trade. Additionally several partnership courses are being carried out in collaboration with various institutions.

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