Multilateral Diplomacy

The Multilateral Diplomacy Programme has developed extensive experience in designing and implementing professional training courses for Member States, professional and international public servants. Now using the Internet as a training medium, MDP brings participants and trainers together in a unique virtual learning environment.


Face-to-face courses are designed as complementary training tools for participants attending a specific training activity implemented by MDP. Theses courses allow the participants to download the training material at any time and offer a follow-up platform for exchange.


Online courses build on UNITAR’s wealth of experience designing and implementing training workshops on diplomacy and multilateral affairs at the country and regional levels and include:

· 40 to 60 hours of training in several one-week sessions;
· Practical skills and knowledge for effective performance;
· Multimedia training tools at the working delegate’s time and pace;
· Web streaming with real-world examples of contemporary conferences and negotiations;
· Online mentoring, discussions and assessments.