Sustainable Urbanization

The Decentralized Cooperation (DCP) of UNITAR responds to local challenges by providing trainings to enhance the capacity of national and local authorities and actors to implement a wide range of integrated and sustainable solutions for the achievement of sustainable development.

DCP core training activities are face-to-face workshops delivered through a network of regional associated training centres, the CIFALs (International Training Centre for Local Authorities/Actors). Training sessions focus on four major areas: sustainable urbanization and environment, local economic development, local governance and institutional support, health and human security. This wide thematic range covers a vast number of topics from climate change to good governance and public participation to urban safety and social coexistence. DCPtherefore directly participates in turning the critical and sometimes elusive challenge of sustainable development and its three pillars – economic growth, environmental protection and social progress – into concrete and immediate reality.

DCP online courses are grounded on sound adult pedagogical principles. They include highly social elements, self-assessment activities, case studies and peer-to-peer review and evaluation. This wide set of activities ensures knowledge sharing among participants and stimulates the creation of lively networks, which outlasted the end of courses.